Cameo Club


Utah Senior America Cameo Club 

"Long lasting friendships flower for a lifetime"


Every participant in the annual Utah Senior America Pageant may become a member of "Cameo Club", a subsidiary of National Senior America.  Each of these happy, vibrant women is committed to sharing the purposes and goals of this service organization by performing regularly to serve and share her talents and enthusiasm at a variety of community events, Women's Expos, Senior Centers, retirement residences, hospitals, etc. Cameo Club members are hostesses and volunteers at the Huntsman World Senior Games, Provo's Freedom Festival and other major events.  They travel to venues all over the state at their own expense and share their vitality and love of life with everyone they meet.  They inspire and motivate others to better cope with life's challenges, encouraging a positive attitude and gratitude to be alive, strengthen others' abilities to accomplish goals and igniting a greater desire to serve.  We encourage all contestants in our pageant to join our Cameo Club and to improve the image of all women who have reached the "Age of Elegance."

For more information or to schedule entertainment, please contact:

Barbara NewmanCameo Club President