Pageant Info

2011 Utah Senior America Pageant

To be held in the Summer of 2011.  More details coming soon!

Each candidate is judged on the following when competing at the state and national Pageant:

Interview – Each contestant meets with a panel of Preliminary Judges. The judges' task is to select the woman whose personality and interpersonal skills best meet the ideals of Senior America. (5 minutes)

Evening Gown This segment of the pageant allows each woman to demonstrate her poise, grace and stage presence. Each contestant must wear a modest floor length formal gown.  The judges will be looking for the contestant who represents the "Age of Elegance" woman. 

Philosophy of Life –  Each contestant will share her memorized Philosophy of Life so the judges can develop an insight into her personal inner beauty. (35 seconds)

Talent – Each contestant has the opportunity to demonstrate that the gifts of talent do not diminish with age. Contestants share their unique talent – some are vocalists, musicians, dancers, poets, comedians or artists. The judges determine which woman offers the most vitality to this portion of the pageant. This is your chance to show the world that senior Women are talented, active, informed and can accomplish goals, as well as serve others in their community. (2 minutes, 45 seconds) 

We invite you, or someone you know who is 60 years or older by June 20, 2010, to  become a participant.  Participants may be married, widowed, divorced or single and must be a resident of Utah and a U.S. Citizen.  Participants will be asked to solicit sponsors or advertising for the pageant program book.

If you are accepted as a contestant, there is $150 contestant fee which covers the cost of the venue, pageant day expenses and a 1 year membership in the Cameo Club.

Click HERE to apply to be a contestant.